Microsoft Stream can make it easy to share videos to other people at the Sask DLC. Use these instructions to share the videos you have uploaded or created in Microsoft Stream with your teacher. 

Before You Begin

This article assumes that you have already uploaded or created a video in Microsoft Stream. If you haven't uploaded or created your video yet, please see this article for instructions on how to do so: How Do I Upload or Create Videos with Microsoft Stream?


  1. Go to Microsoft Stream.
  2. Find the video that you want to share and click or tap on the name or thumbnail. 
  3. Click or tap on the "Share" icon at the top right of the video page.
  4. To get the link, select "Copy link" from the share drop down menu. This link can be pasted into your assignment page or into an email to your teacher. To change who can access the file using the link, click or tap the gear icon beside "Settings".

  1. You can also copy a link that takes the viewer directly to the current time index by choosing "Copy link at current time".
  2. To share by email:  
    1. Click or tap the "Share" button.
    2. Select "Share" from the drop down menu. 
    3. Enter the email address or addresses for the person or people you wish to send the video.
    4. Add a message in the message box if desired.
    5. If you want to adjust the permissions to allow viewers to edit the video or prohibit downloads, change the option under the "eye" drop down menu next to the email address box.
    6. To change the link parameters
    7. Click the "Invite" button at the bottom.

  1. To copy the embed code to share the video in another web page:
    1. Click or tap on the "Share" button.
    2. Select "Embed code" from the drop down menu.
    3. Adjust any settings that need to be changed, such as player size or starting time index.
    4. Click or tap on "Copy embed code".
    5. Paste the code on the web page on which you want to embed the video.
  2. To change the levels of access or change the limits on who can view the video, 
    1. Click or tap on the "Share" button.
    2. Select "Manage access" from the drop down menu.
    3. Create a new sharing link for individual people or groups, or create a new link with a specific level of access.
    4. To change the who can access the video or put an expiration date on the video, click the "Grant access" button at the top.

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