Exam Procedures for Adult Students

Adult students may be allowed to write chapter/unit exams at home without a supervisor. However, for courses with midterm and/or final exams, external impartial proctors are required, approved by the teacher. Additional details on the proctoring process are provided in the document Proctor-Related Information for Students.

Ensuring academic integrity is paramount. If marks on proctored exams differ significantly (25% or more) from unsupervised exams, or if there's a notable difference in work quality, the student may need to demonstrate that unsupervised exams accurately reflect learning. The teacher may take the following actions:

  • Request the student to rewrite chapter/unit exams with a proctor present.
  • Mandate all remaining chapter/unit exams to be supervised.
  • Require a Microsoft Teams interview to assess understanding.
  • Assign more weight to proctored exams when calculating the final grade.
  • Determine that credit cannot be granted for the course.

Similar actions may apply in cases of academic dishonesty in assignments.

Exam Expectations:

  • Students should email the teacher at least two days before the exam, specifying the date and time.
  • Paper-based exams and online passwords will be emailed. Students must not access exam papers outside of the designated time.
  • All exam requirements provided by the teacher must be followed.
  • No assistance from others is permitted during the exam. Accommodations like a scribe or reader must be discussed with the teacher beforehand.
  • Completed exams must be scanned and emailed promptly. The scanned file should be deleted after sending.
  • Exams must be completed in one sitting and returned promptly. Delayed returns may necessitate rewriting.
  • After confirmation of receipt, paper copies must be destroyed, and emails containing exam content deleted.

Feedback on Exams:

  • The teacher will provide marks and general feedback.
  • Marked exam copies will not be emailed back.
  • Students can request more detailed feedback from their teacher.

Thank you for cooperating as we uphold academic integrity. Contact the course teacher for any questions or concerns.

Please complete and sign the "Exam Agreement - Adult Students" and send it to your teacher.