All K-9 students in the Saskatchewan Distance Learning Centre are assessed based on a 4 scale rubric. The rubrics are used to communicate achievement on Saskatchewan curricular outcomes.

What are outcomes?

  • Outcomes describe what students will know or be able to do in a particular subject by the end of the course or grade level. Curricular outcomes are developed by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Learning and are required learnings.
  • For more information, refer to Saskatchewan Learning’ s Renewed Curricula: Understanding Outcomes (

How are outcomes used in our courses?

Teachers use the Saskatchewan outcomes to set the student learning goals for each course.

Learning activities, assignments and assessments are developed to allow learners to experience the goals that are aligned to the curriculum. Assessments are used to determine if a learner has acquired the skills or concepts outlined in an outcome. To do this, the Sun West rubric is used helps to both measure and report on achievement.

How are rubrics used to measure outcomes?

A common misconception is that rubrics will then transfer to grades like this 3/5 = 60%. In K-9, rubric levels are not transferred into a percentage.

The purpose of a rubric is to communicate a learning level. The rubric indicates if you understood, met, or mastered the skill according to the rubric descriptions.

* Learners who receive either a Level "1" or Level "2" will be provided an opportunity to revise and reevaluate their work in order to achieve at a higher level. Please contact the course instructor for more information.


The Sask DLC Rubric

 The following chart is used throughout the Saskatchewan Distance Learning Centre to help learners make sense of the five learning levels on the rubric.

Taken from the Sun West's Teacher Manual for the Middle Level Reporting Process

Adapted with permission from Edmonton Catholic School District, Edmonton, AB