Immersive reader is a tool created by Microsoft that can read content on web pages or in documents. By using Immersive Reader, students can increase their attention and comprehension by listening to texts as they read along, make sure of customizable text size and font settings, picture dictionary, translation, and other features.  


Immersive Reader is available in the Microsoft Edge web browser in Windows 10 and 11. Similar functionality is also available in Microsoft 365 applications, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Lens, Microsoft OneNote, or Microsoft Teams. 


Before You Begin  


To use Immersive Reader in Microsoft Edge, you will need to have Microsoft Edge installed on your computer. Microsoft Edge is available for Windows 10 and 11, Apple MacOS, Linux, and most major mobile platforms. Click here to download Microsoft Edge for your device


To use Immersive Reader in other Microsoft 365 apps, you will need to know your Microsoft 365 account credentials: How to Sign In to Microsoft 365  


How to Enter Reader Mode in Microsoft Edge Web Browser 


  1. Using Microsoft Edge, browse to a web page that you want Immersive Reader to read aloud. 
  2. Select the text you want to read or analyze.
  3. While the text is selected, right-click on the text (or press and hold if you’re using a touch screen).
  4. From the pop up menu, choose 'Open selection in Immersive Reader'.
  5. You may also have the option to choose 'Read Aloud' if you wish to listen to the text without using the full Reader Mode. 

Note: Immersive Reader does not read text from images and may struggle to read texts with unusual formatting. 

Setting Preferences in Reader Mode

  1. While in Reader Mode, you can change your text and reading preferences from the toolbar across the top of your browser window. 
  2. Under 'Text Preferences', set the text size, spacing, font, and theme.

  1. Under 'Reading Preferences', you can choose to set the line focus or translate the text to another language. 

  1. To change your voice preferences, start the text-to-voice by clicking 'Read Aloud' and click 'Voice options'. From this menu, it is possible to change the speed and voice of the reader.