In the extra section on the Sora Explorer tab, tap the Method Learning tile. Here, you can read more about the resource, including a short description and a list of its features. On this secondary page, tap "Visit Method Learning" to launch the access page in a new window.

The access page will display your access time period and provide a link to get started. Once on the main page, you can start with ACT or SAT prep right away or even star the course you want as your primary course. Tap the "Course Getting Started Guide" for a comprehensive overview of what to expect from Method Learning, including a welcome video, "Welcome to Methodize."

Before you get started, I want to quickly introduce and explain some of the features of Methodize and how they work. In this video, I will be going over course units. This page covers the course units, lessons, quizzes, and more, familiarizing users with the overall workflow and vocabulary of the site.

Click or tap "Your Dashboard" anytime to view personalized information about your courses in progress. You can use the "Courses" drop-down menu to switch between courses at any time or view all courses at once. When you click on a course, you can get started or check back anytime to see your individual progress. You can also preview the course units, lessons, and quizzes to get a sense of what's ahead.

There's also an option to see your scores by concept. You can learn more about how this works with a simple tap, or you can learn even more by reviewing the handy guide. When you start a course, you'll see the lessons appear in order, with an overview typically part of lesson one. You can tap to play the audio of the lesson, preview upcoming segments, or move forward or back between segments.

For example, in the ACT English section, you'll read passages and answer questions related to the text. Each question refers to an underlined or otherwise numbered portion of the text. For example, question one of four. In any course, see an at-a-glance progress bar. Return to the main summary page by clicking on the Method Learning logo, or log out at any time.

Get started with Method Learning today to discover equitable access to college entrance exam test prep anytime.