Read-alongs are a special type of book that includes professional narrations along with the text. In addition to typical book features, you can listen along as the narrator reads the text out loud. Tap in the center of the screen to hide and display the progress bar like you would in an ebook. 

To begin the narration, tap the play button. Tap again to pause. The words will often be highlighted on the screen while the text is read out loud. Tap the speedometer icon to set a custom playback speed. Your current speed is displayed, and you can either choose a preset or fine-tune using the slider. 

When you're done, click hide. Your custom playback speed will show beneath the speedometer icon. You can also get a closer look at images and text in the along by tapping on the zoom icon. 

Use the plus and minus buttons to zoom in. And zoom out. Slide your cursor or finger across the screen to move along the pages. When you're finished, zoom out or double-click the page to return to the standard view.