At the top of the main menu, you can see how many current loans and holds you have for your school collection and the maximum number you can have for each. Under libraries, you'll see the libraries you have access to, including your school library and any public libraries you have added. 

Under settings, you can toggle on or off the display settings you wish to enable, such as dyslexic font and high contrast mode. Or both. You can also change the language of the store interface. Tap language. And then tap to choose your preferred language. Please note this will only change the menus and commands in Sora, not the language of the books you borrow. 

When using the Sora app on a phone or a tablet, Sora will automatically display in the language of your device. Tap all settings to see more. You'll have another chance to change your display settings, as well as a chance to toggle on or off the tab bar labels for the icons across the bottom of Sora. 

You can toggle on or off the Continue Reading orb that shows a shortcut to your most recently opened book. If you have one or more public libraries added in Sora, by default, your searches will show across all libraries. You can toggle this off under General Settings if you prefer. 

Additionally, you'll see specific settings that affect your holds. Such as freezing them or setting them active. 

Download settings specific to the browser or app experience, depending on the device you're using. 

And adjust how you read your books, such as in Sora on your current device, Sora on another device, or on a Kindle if you're part of a US school. You can also select your preferred lending periods. Tap lending periods and choose from the options available here for each format. 

Please note these are set by your school. Whatever you select will apply to all checkouts going forward until it's changed again.