Tap hold on the shelf tab to track your estimated wait time for each title. You can also view the date your hold was placed, and tap the clock icon to learn more about your place in line. Tap options and Edit Hold to change your hold state. You can freeze titles or switch them back to active when you're done. Be sure to save your changes. Tap cancel hold. If you no longer wish to borrow this title. 

As you're waiting for a title to become available, you can read or listen to a sample or see book details. When you reach the top of the waitlist. After placing a hold, you'll receive an in-app notification as shown here in the upper right-hand corner. Tap on the notification bell to decide what happens next. Select borrow. If you're ready to start reading right away. If you're not ready to borrow the book. Choose to get it later. This freezes your hold for seven days and keeps you at the top of the waitlist. Then, after seven days, you'll be notified when the next copy becomes available. 

You can also tap the three-line main menu. Select all settings. And then tap holds to update all your holes at once. Tap to change the hold state.  Then select Update all holds with this button. This setting will apply to your existing holds and any new holds you place in Sora.