Digital titles return automatically on the due date, which is displayed for each of your loans on your shelf. To return a title early, tap options and return and confirm. 

Under options. If the title is due in 72 hours or less and it's not on hold for someone else, you can renew it. If someone else is waiting for the title, you'll be prompted to add yourself to the holds list instead. Please note that you cannot early return or renew any assigned titles like this one. 

When you have finished a title, tap mark is done and confirm. This adds a title to your done list, helping you keep track of the books you've completed. Marking a title is done. We'll ensure you can earn any subject-specific achievement badges available for that title. Please note your school may have a limit on how many titles you can have checked out at the same time. If you reach your limit, you will need to return one of your titles before you can borrow another.