Once a title has been downloaded, you can disconnect from the Internet and read or listen on the go. On the Shelf tab under loans, you'll see a green checkmark next to every title that's successfully downloaded. You can tap to switch from the downloaded version to the streaming version when you're connected to the Internet. If you prefer, her titles that are in the process of downloading will show a green circle filling in like a pie chart.

If a title hasn't yet begun downloading, you'll see a cloud icon. When you have reconnected to the Internet, tap the cloud icon to start the downloading process. Tap the three-line main menu in Sora and then select all settings under General select downloads. 

Here you can tap to change your preference for automatic downloads if you'd like in your web browser, like what I'm using today, you'll see how much space you have for downloaded titles and if this is your first time on the downloads menu, you'll see a blue button you can tap to add a shortcut for Sora, so you can easily find the web page again. 

When using the Sora app on your mobile device or tablet, you can turn on the downloaded-only on WiFi option to block downloading using mobile data if you prefer.