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Soapbox - How to Activate Your Sask DLC Credentials Sign In


Sask DLC Student Email Sign In 

This document is designed to guide you through the steps of how to activate your Sask DLC email and sign into Microsoft 365, where you’ll have access to a variety of tools to assist in your educational goals.

Before you begin

  1. You will need your Saskatchewan Learning number.   This can be found at 
  • Once you’ve logged into DLCgo, click on Student Information on the left-hand side of your screen



  • You will need to scroll down the page to Guardian Information #2.  Under your Education Information you’ll see your 9 digit Saskatchewan Learning Number.  Please write this number down on a piece of paper because you’ll need it later.


Activating Your Email

2.   On a computer, go to and sign in with your Sask DLC email.   Your Sask DLC email is your 9 digit Saskatchewan Learning number then  Your password is Myp@ssw0rd-DLC. 


Sask DLC email


Temporary Password




3.  You will be asked to Update your password.  

  • For the current password type in Myp@ssw0rd-DLC 
  • For the New password you need to create it.  It must contain 8 characters that include at least 3 of the following 4 character types: lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers or symbols.  
  • To Confirm password, you will need to retype the password you just created.  
  • Click Sign In.


4.  Once you’ve created your password, you will get a notice that says More information is required.  Click Next

5. A Keep your account secure window will pop up, please click Skip setup in the bottom right corner


6.  You will get a notice that says Welcome to Microsoft 365

7.  On the left hand side of your screen, you’ll be able to access all the Microsoft programs such as Teams, Word, Excel and Power Point.