Many of our Practical and Applied Arts (PAA) trades courses like Construction & Carpentry, Welding, Electrical & Electronics, and Autobody have course videos that will take you to an external site, called Rover, to view the video. Rover is a free, Government of Saskatchewan funded and supported website that has lots of videos to support K-12 education across the province. Any registered student in the province can access this resource for free – at home or at a school.

If you are at a school, you will automatically be logged in as it recognizes you are logging in from your schools’ network.

If you are logging in from home to access some of your course videos, please follow the tutorial below.

If you are at home trying to view a Rover video for one of your DLC course or if you click to watch a video on the Rover site and you get a black video screen that doesn't load or play you will need to login to Rover to view the video

1) Click the Login button near the top right




Username: firstname.lastname (this is your fully legal name, so if you are a Johnathon who goes by John, you use Johnathon to log in)

Password: Month and Day of your birthday. Example January 18, 2007 your password would be 0118

4) Once logged in scroll down to find and click on Rover (the list you will see is in alphabetical order)

5) Search for the name of the video you are looking for in the search bar.