In this help and information tutorial, you will learn how to install Team Viewer on your Windows/PC device for your proctor exams.

Step 01: 

Go to and click the "download for free" or "download" button

Step 02:

  1. Save the TeamViewer Installation to your computer, and 
  2. Run the installation by double clicking the installation to open it. 

Note: I would recommend saving it to your downloads folder so you can find it easily. 



Step 03:

In the TeamViewer Setup window,

  1. Under, "How do you want to proceed?" select "Default installation". Then click the "Accept-next" button on the button right of the screen. If you see an option asking, "How do you want to use TeamViewer?" select "Personal/Non-commercial use".
  2. There may be a pop-up asking if you accept TeamViewer making changes to your computer, click "yes" to continue.

Step 04:

In the TeamViewer License Agreement page, after reading the EULA and DPA agreements, check the "I accept the EULA and the DPA." box, then click the "continue" button.

Step 05:

You've Installed TeamViewer! A shortcut to the application will be added to your desktop, you can double click the TeamViewer icon to open the application.

How do I use TeamViewer for my proctor exams?