Microsoft Edge built in reader

The Microsoft Edge browser has a built in immersive reader that allows the user to modify the layout of the page as well as listen to the text at various speeds.


Google Chrome extension ReadMe (Text to Speech Reader)

Readme is a free Chrome extension that allows the learner to both copy and paste text to be read or import a document to be read.   There are a limited number of choices for voice and the speed of the reading can be adjusted. 


One Note Accessibility Supports

One Note has a number of accessibilities supports including the ability for learners to dictate their work as well as listen to text.

Using Dictate on personal devices (Iphone, Ipad, Android)

Smartphones and tablet devices have dictate and immersive reader capabilities built in.  The learner will need to add punctuation in with their voice if using this feature and the text will appear on the screen.