Step 1 - Access online course

To book a talk with your teacher, first, go to the online course of the teacher you wish to book a talk with. If the teacher is in the booking calendar, there will be a blue button under their teacher block titled, "Book a talk with your teacher". Please Click this button.

Step 2 - Select a service

Clicking "Book a talk with your teacher" will send you to the Sask DLC booking calendar. The first thing you want to do is select a service. We have 4 options: 30-minute phone call, 30-minute video appointment, 1-hour phone call and 1-hour video appointment. Each of these services is categorized by grade level, some are for K - 9 teachers and others are for 10 - 12 teachers.

In the above image, the service on the left is for a 30-minute phone call with a K - 9 teacher. The option on the right is for a 30-minute phone call with a 10 - 12 teacher.

Click the service you wish to book then scroll down to select a date, teacher, and time.

Step 3 - Select date, teacher, and time

A) Select a date in the calendar

B) Select the teacher you wish to talk to. Please note: if they are not available on that date "not available" in red text will be next to their name.

C) Select the time you wish to talk to the teacher.

Step 4 - Adding your details

Once you have selected a date, teacher, and time, scroll down and add your details Please note: adding your address and notes is optional

Step 5 - Provide additional information

Provide the name of the online course (for example: "ELA B30") and the topic of discussion.

Step 6 - Confirm booking

Click "Book" to book a talk with your teacher