When you are ready to return your child’s DLC school resources, please be sure to follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Only package your resources with DLC #’s or resources that are marked to be returned.
    ***Coil bound books do not need to be returned.
  2. Take your package to your local Canada Post Office.
  3. Provide the Canada Post Office Clerk the instructions as provided below.



**Provide the below instructions to your Canada Post Office Clerk**

Attention Canada Post Office Clerk:
 This customer has a domestic parcel for return that uses a Canada Post return ID number to generate a parcel return label from the RPS system. Please complete the following steps in RPS:

    1. Place the item on the scale.
    2. Select Return Services.
    3. From the Item Details screen, enter the Canada Post Return ID Number (listed below).
    4. Complete the required fields, including dimensions, and select Complete.

Return Authorization ID #:  1000

Canada Post Return ID #: PR824352