Student success in an online course comes through regular submission of course work (evidence of learning) and communication with their teacher. Students who do not submit coursework in a timely fashion and/or have not been in contact with their teacher are considered ‘inactive’.

To ensure the best opportunity for our students to complete their grade on time, we have a process to help students be active, stay on track, and deal with concerns when they get off track. Our phasing process is as follows:

  1. Our teachers reach out often with emails and phone calls and expect communication in return. If a teacher has not heard from or has not received submissions from a student for a period of approximately two weeks, the teacher will contact the family to check in and see if there may be issues or barriers to submitting school work.
  2. If the teacher still does not hear from the family over the following 2 – 4 weeks, they will list the student with the office as ‘inactive,’ and parents/guardians will receive an email from DLC Admin stating that the family must contact the teacher immediately, or access to courses will be temporarily restricted until an educational plan has been put in place.
  3. If there is still no contact with the teacher, the family will receive an email stating that course access has been restricted until families contact the school and follow through with the educational plan. 
  4. Finally, if the teacher or the DLC still does not hear from the family, the family will receive an email stating that the student has been dropped from the courses due to inactivity, and will no longer have access to online materials.  

We understand there may be times when there is a lull or interruptions in schedules at home, so if families cannot get any work in for a time period, please communicate with the teacher(s). We want to make all families aware of this process so there are no surprises. We hope that we will hear from all students regularly, so they have the best possible learning experience. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your teacher.