In this help and information tutorial you will learn how to view your feedback from graded assignments to make improvements.

If you aren’t sure how to Upload and Submit an assignment on our online environment. Check out the tutorial: “How do I upload and submit my assignments on Moodle?”

Step 1: View the Graded Assignment

When you get the notification from Moodle, the link will take you into the assignment, OR you can click the assignment from the course page:

You will see that the submission has been graded: 

Step 2: View the Marking Guide

You will see the Marking Guide that was there when you submitted:

This one has THREE areas that the student is graded on, Each out of 5:

A) Response, B) Evidence, and C) Conclusion/Overall Evaluation.

Step 3: Read your feedback

The Reviewed Version:

At the end of the scale (descriptions of what 5-1) you may see feedback in the category explaining how to improve or what was missing from your piece.

Each out of 5

Your grade will be displayed at the bottom

You will also see feedback on the Annotated PDF:

At the end of the reviewed Marking Guide you will see the mark, when it was graded, who by, and either a note reminding you to look at the Marking Guide and Annotated PDF or another message:

What is an Annotated PDF?

It is your assignment with markings and comments on it. Your teacher may provide you with a Legend to understand how they use the colors and icons.

For Example:

Comments on the Annotated PDF show up on the last page of the PDF:

I would recommend opening two copies so you can read through the comments alongside or just printing the last page of the reviewed document. The Comments themselves are numbered based on the page of the assignment they are on.

What the comments look like on the page: 

The actual comments on that final page of the reviewed document: