In this Help and Information tutorial, you will learn how to cite an image, from the internet, in MLA format.

Creators Name: Title. Digital Image. Website, 2017. Website Publisher, www.MediumOfPublication.comAccessed 22 Jan 2018

Information needed from the website the image is from:

1: Creators Name

  • The name of the photographer or person who created the image, if known.

2: The Title

  • (or caption of the image --- italicized. If you are using the caption and it's very long, you can just include the beginning of it. If no title or caption is given, give a short description of the work and do not italicize it. Write a Digital Image after the title/ caption.*

3: Title of the Website

  • Website where the image was found. Italicized

4: Website Publisher

  • The publisher of the Website - This is the name of the organization responsible for the website, followed by a comma. (The publisher's name is usually at the bottom of the home webpage.) If no publisher is given, use n.p.("no publisher")

5: Date of Publication

  • The date that the source was electronically published, --or the last update or revision date, written in MLA format (day-month-year). If no date is given, use n.d.("no date")

6: Medium of Publication (web)

  • Website where the image was found. Italicized

7: Date of Access

  • Written in MLA format (day-month-year)

8: URL

  • (Uniform Resource Locator) - Write in angle brackets, with a period at the end. To avoid long URLs use the URL for the main page of the website


Photo Credit: Two Leaf. Digital Image. Canola Council of Canada, 2017. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada,<>. Accessed 22 Jan 2018