In Microsoft Word, there is a tab that says "Review" at the top. Choose this tab only after you are ready to edit your rough draft!

After you click "Review," this is what should come up:

You then want to select the "Track Changes" button. What this will do is show changes you made to the original document - including pasting of information from another spot! After you click this button, just go on with your regular work, like so! 

Above, I added the last two sentences to the document. As you can see, it made a red line on the left of the document page.

Now, When I want to view the changes that were made, I click the little red line and this is what it shows: 

The red underline means that I added those two lines. It even tracks the sentences that you took out, and shows what words you added instead.

Now, just save the document as you normally would, and when I open it I should be able to see your changes!