1. Sign in to dropbox.com
  2. Click File requests
  3. Click Create a file request or Request files
  4. Under What are you requesting?, enter a name for the folder that will store all collected files.

Note: this new folder is where files uploaded to your file request are stored in your Dropbox. By default the uploaded files are private; however, you can share the uploaded files by selecting a shared folder or by sending a link to the files. 

  1. Under Where should these files go in your Dropbox?, you'll see the path to the new folder populate. If you'd like to change the folder's location, click Change folder
  2. Click the Next button
  3. On the Send file request screen you can copy the file request link and include it in an email by clicking the Copy link button. Or you can enter emails of the people you need files from. and we'll send an invitation to upload files to the file request for you.

Note: You'll receive an email whenever people upload files to your file request.

  1. Click Done to send the email invitation and to return to the File requests screen.

If you want to change your file request once it's created, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to dropbox.com
  2. Open File requests
  3. Click the ellipses next to the file request you're interested in
  4. Click Edit
  5. You can edit both What are you requesting? and Where should these files go in your Dropbox?
  6. Click Save