Our online students enjoy the benefits of flexible learning but we realize that independent learning may be a difficult transition for some. If you find yourself struggling to stay on track with your online course, you are not alone. You are now in charge of setting and monitoring your own pace, and sometimes it can be difficult. We encourage you to map out a plan and share that with your teacher.

Here are some suggestions that might help: 

Create both monthly and daily schedules.

Talk to your teacher to determine the estimated number of hours required to complete your course.  Then map out each course on a monthly calendar, taking into account holidays and periods of time that you know will put pressure on your timeline. 

Your daily schedule should clearly state which classes you will work on, what time you will work, and when you will take breaks.  

Set due dates.

Assignments, exams and units of study (also called modules or chapters) often serve as effective benchmarks. Match them to dates on a calendar to help you maintain focus and track progress.  Keep in mind, you can find the last day to hand in assessments for Semester 1 and Semester 2 in the Timeline section, which is under the Course Information section of every course. 

Ask your teacher to review your plan. 

Your teacher can assist you in making sure that your plan aligns with your completion goals. They can provide feedback on your timelines and due dates and provide guidance based on what has worked for or challenged other students in their course.

Track your progress and edit your plan if necessary.

Every learner is unique and the time it will take you to complete assignments may differ from the hours you originally set aside or those suggested by your teacher. If you find yourself ahead or behind your schedule, take time to revisit and make changes to your plan. It may seem like extra work at first, but the long term benefits are significant.   

Create a workspace that is free of distractions.   

Be intentional about the space in which you study. When you sit down to begin your studies each day, put aside devices, turn off the TV, and set all notifications to silent. 

Effective time management and goal setting skills are critical to life-long success.  In working to successfully complete your online course, you can develop those skills while at the same time realizing your educational goals. 

Best of luck and remember… we are here to help.