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Written Instructions

How to add work to your Dropbox folder

  1. An email will have been sent to your email address ( which ever ones were shared with me with your registration information ). In that email sent via Dropbox, there will be a link you need to click on to Accept access to the Shared Folder created for you.
  2. You have two ways to use Dropbox to submit your work:
    • One option is to Download a desktop version of Dropbox so it works very much like your My Documents folders - easy to add and copy and paste work to the folders. You are not required to download it, though because you can use the second option to access / use the program.
    • Alternatively, you can also access your Dropbox  folder from the website.
  3. In the folder, you would find a folder location for each section / assignment in the course.This is designed to make it as easy to organize as possible for you and for me.
    • Image examples below: The first is an image of what you would see if you downloaded the Dropbox program to your desktop and the second is how your folder will look from the online application ( at This is from Marcy Waldner's ELA A30 Course.

Your folder will look like this if you download the Dropbox program to you computer

Your folder will look like this is you use the online application from

This is an example from Jaimes Weber's ELA A10 course

  1. Trouble accessing the shared folder: If you've clicked the link in the email from Dropbox, I will be able to see whether you've gained access to that shared folder or not. If you've missed the email giving access, I can easily resend an invitation

  1. Where to put your completed work: you may have a Dropbox account yourself that you use for other things of this course may be the only reason you use this program. Regardless, when you sign into your account, on the desktop version or online, you'll always see Folders at the top of your screen.

            The folder shared with you will have your full name and your location written after it. That's your folder the work needs to be pasted or uploaded to 

  1. submitting Files: You need to go into this Shared folder, open the corresponding folder for the work you want to add, and paste it or upload it there.
    1. for the desktop version, it's easy to copy and paste the work to the folder.
    2. For the online version, you can right click anywhere on the folder page and the option to Upload will appear

                    Example: If you're ready to upload the PDF for section A7 and a word document for the written task of that section, you would open the A7 folder, hit the plus sign icon or right click to select Upload:

The "choose files" tab opens your computer so you can Browse for the file you want to upload

  1. Note: if you use the merged PDF's, following and completing the work from start to finish of that document ensures you're completing all required of that section

Attached to this Help and Information tutorial is a document explaining how to submit your work into the shared Dropbox folder created for you.