Written Instructions

Step 01: Audacity Website

Go to www.audacityteam.org

The website looks like this :


Step 02: To Download Page

Click "Download Audacity 2.1.3".


Step 03: Choose your Operating System

Click on " Audacity for Windows®".

Step 04: Installer Link

Click on the text " Audacity 2.1.3 installer." The installer should now be downloading.

Step 05: Open Installer Program

Open the Audacity installer program

  • The program is called "audacity-win-2.1.3" which is in your browser downloads or your "Downloads" folder.
  • The download will appear in your browser download window, like this in Google Chrome :

A. Open your download folder.

B. Click on "audacity-win-2.1.3".

Step 06: Installer Permission

Click "Yes" when asked. "Do you want to allow this app from an unkown publisher to make changes to your PC?".


Step 07: Installer Language

A. Choose "English" when asked to select the language to use during installation.

B. Click "OK"


Step 08: Close Open Programs

Close any other open programs before clicking "Next >" in the audacity Installation window.


Step 09: License Information

A. Read the information section on licenses.

B. Click "Next >"


Step 10: Program Destination

A. Make sure Audacity will download to your Program Files.

B. Click "Next >" on the Select Destination installer window


Step 11: Desktop Icon

A. Make sure the "Create a desktop icon" box is checked

B. Click "Next >"


Step 12: Install

Click "Install" The installation wizard will now show a progerss bar during the installation

Step 13: Support Forum Information

  1. Read the support Forum information section
  2. Click on "Next >"

Step 14: Finish Installation

Click "Finish" to finish the download and automatically open Audacity

  • if you need to open audacity in the future, there will be an Audacity icon on your desktop for quick access.

please read the "Recording audio (Audacity)" Library page to learn how to record audio with Audacity