In this Help and Information tutorial, you will see how to compress a video using HandBrake. HandBrake is a free, open-source tool for converting, compressing and encoding videos.

Note: This tutorial if for the use of HandBrake installed on a Windows computer.

Written Instruction

Step 01: Open HandBrake

Click the HandBrake icon, which was installed on your desktop during the HandBrake installation process.

Step 02: Select Your Source Video

Once HandBrake opens, you will be presented with a Source Selection screen. Click File to browse for the video you want to compress.

Step 03: Browse for the Video File

A. In the Open screen that pops-up, navigate to the folder on your computer containing the video you want to compress

B. Select the video that you want to compress.

C. Click Open to open the video in the HandBrake.

Step 04: Choose the Destination for the Compressed File

Click on the Browse to select the location on your computer that you want to save the compressed file.

Step 05: Browse for Save Location

A. In the Open screen that pops-up, navigate to the folder on your computer where you want to save your compressed file.

B. Enter the name of the new video in File Name box.

C. Click Save to set the save location.

Step 06: Select the Video Compressed Settings

From the Presets Menuon the right hand side of HandBrake, select the video compression settings for your video. I recommend using the Very Fast 480p30preset as it will produce a video that greatly reduced in size

Step 07: Start Encoding

Click Start Encode from the top of the Hand Brake to begin the encoding and compression process.

Step 08: Wait for the Encoding to Complete

A. Wait for the video encoding to complete. The progress bar in the bottom left hand corner will inform you of the progress.

B. If you need to pause or stop the encoding process for any reason, use the Pause and Stop buttons at the top of HandBrake.

Step 09: Locate the compressed Video File

A. Navigate to the folder you chose to save your video in from Step 04

B. Look at the size of your compressed video file, it should be significantly less than the video you began with.