How Do I Make the Video? 

The first thing to do is to make a plan 

1. What device will you use to record the video? 

There are several devices that will record video. 

  • Cell phone-IPod video cameras 
  • video camera 
  • IPad apps –

2. Who will I ask to record and what instructions will this person need? (They need to know how to use the recording device, what you need to record, and how you want it recorded.) 

3. You may want to work out the video presentation on paper so you can show the person who is recording what to expect – a storyboard is often used to plan a video. It is a few sketches with some written jot notes. 

4. Check out the form that you will complete and submit with the video so you know the expectations and requirements of the assessment. 

5. Choose an appropriate time and place to record and BE READY (equipment at hand, horse available, gas in machine, power source …) 

6. Begin the video by identifying yourself, the assignment/skill you are demonstrating. 

7. It is often difficult to hear in a video that is recorded outdoors, due to distance and wind sound. So once you are satisfied with the video, you will quite likely want to ‘voiceover’ the audio to explain what you are doing and things you are thinking about as you perform the skill. This can be done using several different programs as suggested earlier. 

8. Complete the written form and submit it with the video. 

Apps you Can Use to Edit Video

  • Educreations. It is free and you can do audio separately. 
  • Live Movie Maker (Windows) 
  • iMovie (Mac)