In this Help and Information video, you will learn how to submit assignments in your online course.

Video Instructions

Written Instructions

Step 01: 

Click the file submission link. Each file submission has this icon next to it:

Step 02:

Click, "Add submission"

Step 03:

    A) Add your assignment by clicking the paper icon in the File Submissions section. 

    B) Then, select your file in your file explorer. 

    C) You will see the file you uploaded in the file submission area once uploaded.

Record your audio in the Audio Recorder section by clicking, "record", then "upload" if necessary.

Step 04:

Click, "Save changes" at the bottom of the page to submit your assignment.

Step 05:

you're done! your assignment is submitted for grading. you'll know that your assignment has been submitted successfully when your submission status has changed to, "submitted for grading."

Note: some courses are configured so you save a draft first before completely submitting your assignment. For those classes, click, "Submit assignment" on the bottom of the page, then, "continue" to submit your assignment for grading.